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Stamps! :dummy: 'coz I feel like adding 'em. Saves me of typing certain stuff :XD:

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2 tag thingies cuz I've been trick'd

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 2, 2014, 8:12 PM
Not like it's hard to trick me anyways :c well... yeah since I don't have PC still I gotta kill time somehow xD

tagg'd by Neos-The-Hedgehog hurr!

Character interview tag game!
Choose Three of Your Characters (or as many as you have if you have less )

I choose my stupid and well known by some people Torrid Oh hello Torrid by Airukan, and my stupid and sensual fetus Purity! lPurity concept by Airukanol, I'd choose another one but what's the point of doing that If I haven't showed you how they look like :XD: Though some of my watchers know about my other characters...

Now, answer these questions!

1. Who were/are your parents?

Torrid: Netsu (father) and Dokuso (mother) AND WHO IS TYPING THIS. (Me: First time I'm mentioning her parents' names c: )
Purity: *is an experimental alien fetus thingy* xD Me: Lance is the nickname of my scientist character, I guess he could be called her father, lol.

2. If you don't have parents, how were you created?

Purity: *doesn't talk because she's a fetus thing* xD Me: SOME DAY I HAD A FLASH THINGY ON MY MIND WITH HER DESIGN, SKETCHED IT DOWN AND TADAH!

3. Who do you trust the most?

Torrid: My twin brother Cyanide and our scientist Lance (Old watchers may remember both of them D: )
Purity: --- Me: Lance.

4. Who do you hate?

Torrid: I don't hate anyone.
Purity: --- Me: She doesn't hate anyone for now xD TOO YOUNG TO HATE

5. What is your favourite colour?

Torrid: Red, black and gold. I also like pink and orange.
Purity: --- Me: Too young to know about colors!

6. What are you most afraid of?

Torrid: I'm afraid of nothing!
Purity: --- Me: Too young to fear things yet xD

7. Who do you love?

Torrid: As love interest? Nobody. I only care about my family.
Purity: --- Me: She'll probably love her scientist dad as a daughter-dad thing xD

8. If you had to choose between food or or water, what would you pick?

Torrid: Water, though I don't like much the idea... being fire type...
Purity: --- Me: Thinking she's a fetus, she'd probably choose water xD

9. Are you good or evil?

Torrid: Neutral, I just have the looks of being evil.
Purity: --- Me: I don't know what I'll make her lmao!

10. ...Why?

Torrid: *shrugs* I don't care
Purity: --- Me: Because she's too young to choose the path of good or evil!! lol

11. What is your ambition?

Torrid: Keeping safe my village. I'm the current ruler after all... along with Cyanide.
Purity: --- Me: Too young to have ambitions xD

12. What is your favourite food?

Torrid: Pizza
Purity: --- Me: I think you can figure out that she can't eat by herself yet lmao!

13. Who is/are your best friend(s)? (Thiscan NOT be one of your own characters)

Torrid: As 'friend' I only trust Cyanide, and Lance (Me: Lance is the nickname of the scientist that created Purity xD Torrid trusts him a lot, he usually comes up with stuff that improves the village's forces and such. Torrid pays attention to this aspect a lot. She liked to be prepared in case of a war. Lance gained her trust and became her friend. Some old watchers may remember Lance... I didn't show him much though.)
Purity: --- Me: Shall I still fill this? lol

14. What do you do in your free time?

Torrid: I like going to Earth and go shopping clothes! Imagine where I live, you can't buy cool clothes... Hey don't blame me! I'm a lady after all! (Me: Torrid lives in probably another 'dimension' xD The names of the places are all made up, and to be exact, she lives in a desert. What can you find in a desert! lol)
Purity: --- Me: Still growing up lol

15. Do you ever want to have children?

Torrid: I suppose... someone has to take the lead when I stop existing. Cyanide and me won't last forever!
Purity: --- Me: ...she's a fetus...

16. If so, how many?

Torrid: Who knows, I might just adopt! *laughs* Cyanide could become father and his child can take the lead instead of mine *shrugs* (Me: She's pretty relaxed LOL)
Purity: ---

17. What is your idea of a perfect day?

Torrid: Being able to spend a whole day on the Earth buying clothes and accessories! Stalking their fashion sense! Hah, and dragging Cyanide with me! He's my partner in crime! I could also drag Lance for a change... yeah it'd be cool!
Purity: ---

18. What is your power? (This can be your favourite element if you don't have one)

Torrid: Fire and poison, though my name should give you the hint I could be fire type... *rolls eyes* Fire from dad, poison from mom.
Purity: --- Me: In my concepts she's light type xD

19. What is your theme song?

I have never thought on theme songs for them.

20. ... Why?

OH GOD! It's kind of hard trying to answer like you were your character, and get into their personalities! lol, I suffered... :XD:
Since the other tag didn't make much sense, I didn't do it |D lol


Airukan's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
Hello folks! I'm Mel! (for short of my real name) I've been also called after my mascot 'Torrid', or 'Tori' to make it short throughout this site; also 'Airu' for short of my username, and some others calls me 'Cy' for 'Cyanide' (usually, username in some online games xD) 'Cyanide' chosen after another of my mascots, lol! I'm a young lady that is trying so hard to reach her dream of becoming a professional illustrator =D I'm trying to follow the very best artists around here and learn from them =)
My other passion is the taekwondo, though I'm not a black belt yet but I'm close =D Below are listed at what point of my way I'm at the moment :aww:

:star: Goal: Professional illustrator.
:bulletpink: Basic formation on visual arts.
:bulletpink: 1st year of illustration.
:bulletpink: 2nd year of illustration.
:bulletpink: 3rd year of illustration. Intermediate title: Technician on illustration.
:bulletpink: 4th year of illustration. Title: Professional illustrator.

:star: Goal: Taekwondo black belt 1st dan. (consider this as first goal, since there's higher ranks of black belts xD)
:bulletwhite: White belt
:bulletwhite::bulletyellow: White belt + yellow tips
:bulletyellow: Yellow belt
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen: Yellow belt + green tips
:bulletgreen: Green belt
:bulletgreen::bulletblue: Green belt + blue tips
:bulletblue: Blue belt
:bulletblue::bulletred: Blue belt + red tips
:bulletred: Red belt
:bulletred::bulletblack: Red belt + black tips
:bulletblack: Black belt 1st dan

:star: Languages I speak are:
:bulletpink: (Castilian) Spanish: Or Argentinian Spanish If you like better, since it's my natural language. :B
:bulletpink: (British) English: It's very basic, it's what I've learnt during school, and apparently I've been taught at British English, but the last teacher I had went by the american way :XD: So I might sound like a mix of both :B
So you're only allowed to talk to me on those languages If you want me to understand you xD I love languages... I wanna improve my English and learn another one!

CERTAINLY I'M NOT A NEW DEVIANT 0_O Please, don't ask me to watch you back. That's kind of rude to do. I won't promise to watch you just like that, BUT for sure I'll go check your gallery, and I'll watch you If I like the stuff I find there :aww: Sounds fair, doesn't it? :XD: BUT! For the submissions I REALLY liked, I suggest them for daily deviations =D

Find me also at:

CGHUB: Airukan
Heavenly Artists: Airukan…
Pictify: Ayrkan
Pixiv: (alias) アイルカン
SheezyArt: Ayrkan
Skype: notemeformyusernamehurr I don't go there often because it's nothing alike with what MSN messenger used to be! >:1 I so miss it...
Tumblr: Airukan
Twitter: @ Airukan
Weasyl: Akarui Mei

Lol I gotta learn how to use these sites :B If you find me somewhere else, may be an old account of mine or a faker.

Copied this from someone else's account, because there don't appear anymore in IDs :XD:
Current Residence: Punta Alta, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Favourite genre of music: Rock & Electronica
Favourite style of art: Paintings and drawings, either traditional or digital (but at the end everything interest me) I enjoy seeing fan arts in others artists' styles and I love seeing sceneries and landscapes too (painted or drawn) specially If they were product of the imagination =D
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate
Favourite cartoon character: Too many to name. Right now I can only think on Bleach and Naruto characters hahaha. I'm fan also of some original characters from my fellow artists/friends :heart:
Personal Quote: 'That is art!', 'Guapeton!', 'Handsome', '...of DOOM', ' slow motion', 'hurr', I have other phrases but I can't think on anything else right now lol.

Sexy Torrid chubbie on my ID by the wonderful Cradleth :love:




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11 deviants said YAY! :dummy:
1 deviant said Nay :no:
No deviants said Your thoughts on parent characters? Like 'em? Dislike 'em? c:


Airukan has started a donation pool!
83 / 1,000,000,000
Number is random! I just pressed 9999999999999999999999999999 C: Feel free to donate :XD:

Commissions... I usually don't take commissions... but only because I don't think my work is thaaaaat good :XD: But well, If you'd like to commission me, it'd make me happy (It'd mean you like what I do! :XD:) and well, we could discuss prices. I have never taken commissions before so I really have no idea :XD: And well, I'd only accept points for now ^^;

AIRUKAN ALSO LIKES LLAMAS so you'd make her very happy, If you trade some c:

If you're interested in my work, but can't buy, we could always consider an art trade...? I don't mind being asked for art-trades =D I'll reply as soon as possible =D

Gifts and requests are for me to decide :XD:

You must be logged in to donate.

Art status of DOOM

Because I may forget what I gotta do :noes:

:star: 3/3 Sprite requests: I offered these some time ago. Sometimes I offer requests heh

The sprites will look kind of like this Sprite Purity stage 1 by Airukan

:bulletpink: Kianturada's 'Gizmo' | In progress
:bulletpink: InvisibleRainArt's 'Nickolai' | In progress
:bulletpink: WhitePhox's 'Shui' | In progress

:star: 5/10 sketch trade/requests: Read my journal before asking for a sketch… =)

:bulletpink: DMC4's Dante Sparda for devi-pepper9 | In progress | Her part: Skecth 5: Torrid the Hedgehog by devi-pepper9
:bulletpink: GothicLolitaAngel's 'Lincia' | Done: 2/10 free sketches: Lincia by Airukan Her part: Arykan sketch by GothicLolitaAngel
:bulletpink: Sinox-the-hedgehog's 'Sinox' | In progress | Her part: Airu sketch by Sinox-Sketches
:bulletpink: Pokemon's Greninja for UmbriaChan | In progress
:bulletpink: League of Legends' Shen (chibi) for gules1 | In progress
:bulletpink: Spot available
:bulletpink: Spot available
:bulletpink: Spot available
:bulletpink: Spot available
:bulletpink: Spot available

:bulletpink: Extra slot, grim-zitos's 'Zitos' because he's cool, hurr :heart: | In progress | His part: Ayrkan by grim-zitos


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