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I fill my gallery IN SLOW MOTION! :iconsparklesplz: :iconwooooplz:
Mainly art-school stuff for now, until I get familiar with digital tools :1

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These stuff are in my favorites folder because I find 'em awesome rrraaaawwwrrrr yeaaaaaaaaah!


Chihiro to Byakko by Airukan
Chihiro to Byakko
What a creative title... Task for Illustration Workshop! Please please please Read my comments before commenting!
I had to design a character for the movie 'Spirited Away' (in english... well for me it's 'El viaje de Chihiro', spanish) According to wikipedia, the title is 千と千尋の神隠し Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi (I'm sure you know which movie I'm trying to say >:1)
Then I had to paint it only with watercolors. 2ND TIME USING WATERCOLORS.
That tiger is the character I designed, and I wanted him to interact with Chihiro. I couldn't do something wow, because the teacher asked for this yesterday for today to be done :XD:
How did I come up with this character? I thought I'd do an animal based character since that movie has lots of creatures. I asked mom for the first animal that came to her mind and she said white tiger :XD: I researched a bit and I came up with Byakko; one of the 4 sacred beasts that each one represents the cardinal points. Byakko representing the west, acording to the japanese and chinese mythology. (OR THAT'S WHAT WIKIPEDIA SAYS.) Since in that movie, some god creatures also go to Yubaba's sento, it seemed awesome to make a sacred beast based character :XD: THANKS MOM! SOOO, my character there would represent Byakko (or BAI HU) I prefer to call him Byakko because it sounds cooler :1 *shot* I gave him a haori thing because YEAH, IT MAKES HIM LOOK ELEGANT AND STUFF since it's a mythological creature, you know *slapped* In his haori he has kanji of ray on the right shoulder, kanji or wind on the left, and kanji of white tiger on the back. I MADE HIM CHUBBY BECAUSE MANY OF THE CHARACTERS SEEM TO BE CHUBBY, YEAH!
I liked him, I'mma keep him. But I think I'll redesign him later to match 'my style' (If I have a style xD) I don't think he'd remain chubby... lol
I don't want you to consider him a fan character >:1 He was created only for the work I have been assigned to do :XD:

:bulletpink: Sketched with a mechanical pencil no. 0,5, painted with watercolors on a watercolor paper.
:bulletpink: Character 'Chihiro Ogino' (荻野 千尋 Ogino Chihiro) belongs to Hayao Miyazaki / Studio Ghibli
:bulletpink: Character 'Byakko' (白虎 Byakko) and painting belongs to me :iconairukan: Airukan 2014

Yay this little painting made me pass Illustration Workshop today :iconohohoplz:

Taller de Ilustración I...
LA TENÉS ADENTROOOOO!!!!!!!!!! :dummy: :iconsparklesplz:
Historia del arte, LA TENES ADENTRO!!!!! Toy chocha, dejenme que me salga la argenta de adentro >_<
WIP for art school T_T by Airukan
WIP for art school T_T
I'm still around but really busy :iconotlplz: That's a drawing for art school, using my lab rat, Torrid in this case :1 still drawing it, but I thought I'd let you see, specially because she's using her hair on a ponytail, which it isn't usual on her c: She's totally out of character there by the way... for this task, I have to make a complex background, and I'm still working on it :XD:
Yup, Torrid hid a lot of hair in that bun, usually wrapped with a black ribbon, on the back of her head c:
A lot to fix, but the whole point was only to show her hair :XD: Back to work T_T

:bulletpink: Character and drawing belong to me! :iconairukan: Airukan, 2014
I can share status now o_o Interesting... happeh birthday chu meeeee! :1 lol, eew my age here changed already :iconultraangryplz: Thank you for your birthday wishes~! TwT
pandiMania tagged me because she can >:1 I didn't tell her she couldn't... and I SHALL DO IT, because she's making me doing it... *slapped*

1) You must post these rules.
2) Answer the ten questions and make up your ten questions for the people you tagged.
3) Choose the ten people and put their icons on this journal.
4) Go to their pages and inform them that they have been tagged!
5) Not something stupid like 'you are tagged read this'.
6) You have to legitimately tag ten people.
7) No tag-backs.
8) Can't say no tags.

Her questions:

1) Do you like being in crowded places?: I don't mind, I pay attention to no one anyways :XD:
2) Favorite YouTuber?: I don't stalk youtube 0_O
3) What's your favorite animal?: I like maaaaanyyyyy, but I'd say dogs and cats, hah, I'm a proud owner of 4 dogs and 10 cats :eyes:
4) What's your most proud drawing that you've done as of now?: UUUUHH WELL, I haven't worked in something ultra complicated so it's hard to be proud of a certain piece :XD: Uh but for now I'd say my test in watercolors I did using my character Torrid as my lab rat (as usual) Mwahahaha :c by Airukan Aaand probably this one also... Experiment of doom by Airukan Torrid's true form. It's been fun combining watered acrylics and chinese ink :x Both were just tests but were fun to do. And for being tests, I think they came out pretty good. You know... getting used to the tools 0_O
5) When did you first get into Sonic?: WHEN I PLAYED STH1 FOR SEGA GENESIS :iconlarryplz:
6) Do you play an instrument?: No but my brother that goes to the conservatory of music, forced me to play on guitar the base of the song 'While my Guitar Gently Weeps' by The Beatles :1 YEAH HE FORCED ME, WE MADE A DUO FOR THAT SONG, of course he playing the hard parts with his guitar xD (the guitar I was using, was of course also his guitar *slapped*) and even forced me to sing along >_>; He said I did well though... :shrug:
7) Sleepover?? ; w ;: Ah yeah when I was a little girl used to sleepover with friends of course :XD: I'M TOO OLD FOR THAT STUFF NOW >:1
8) What is your favorite season?: SPRING! I was born in spring! C: at least in my hemisphere >_>
9) What is the last dream that you had that you remember?: Oooh this one is interesting because I'm considering on doing a painting :XD: I'm pretty sure the dream was longer but this part was 'shocking' so it's the only one I recall :XD: In my dream, I see myself going to my bathroom and I don't know why, I pull up my shirt and I see scars in my chest lmao. Like, surgery scars? Some were old scars, that were almost healed, and some were pretty recent scars and some even had the threads like I just came out from the surgery room lol. Those were all vertical (maybe some diagonal) scars in the zone of the lungs and heart. Ultra long scars with lots of points :XD: (For old watchers, remember my character Cyanide? That he had a long scar on his torso? These were kinda like that one but much more realistic xD) When I woke up, I had to check if I had the scars lol. NO SCARS, SO SAD *slapped* The weirdest part is that I didn't wake up freaked out or something lmao, just wooow! And in my dream, looked like someone tried to steal my lungs and/or heart lol. I believe you can live with one lung... (I'm not sure lol) In my case, I wouldn't be able to live with one xD and even less without a heart xD and in my dream I looked pretty alive :XD: Lol the dreams we can have...
10) How often do you RP?: NEVER! :iconlarryplz:


I'mma think of them later, my head hurts and I'm sick :XD:


Airukan's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
Hello folks! I'm Mel! (for short of my real name) I've been also called after my mascot 'Torrid', or 'Tori' to make it short throughout this site; also 'Airu' for short of my username, and some others calls me 'Cy' for 'Cyanide' (usually, username in some online games xD) 'Cyanide' chosen after another of my mascots, lol! I'm a young lady that is trying so hard to reach her dream of becoming a professional illustrator =D I'm trying to follow the very best artists around here and learn from them =)
My other passion is the taekwondo, though I'm not a black belt yet but I'm close =D Below are listed at what point of my way I'm at the moment :aww:

:star: Goal: Professional illustrator.
:bulletpink: Basic formation on visual arts.
:bulletpink: 1st year of illustration.
:bulletpink: 2nd year of illustration.
:bulletpink: 3rd year of illustration. Intermediate title: Technician on illustration.
:bulletpink: 4th year of illustration. Title: Professional illustrator.

:star: Goal: Taekwondo black belt 1st dan. (consider this as first goal, since there's higher ranks of black belts xD)
:bulletwhite: White belt
:bulletwhite::bulletyellow: White belt + yellow tips
:bulletyellow: Yellow belt
:bulletyellow::bulletgreen: Yellow belt + green tips
:bulletgreen: Green belt
:bulletgreen::bulletblue: Green belt + blue tips
:bulletblue: Blue belt
:bulletblue::bulletred: Blue belt + red tips
:bulletred: Red belt
:bulletred::bulletblack: Red belt + black tips
:bulletblack: Black belt 1st dan

:star: Languages I speak are:
:bulletpink: (Castilian) Spanish: Or Argentinian Spanish If you like better, since it's my natural language. :B
:bulletpink: (British) English: It's very basic, it's what I've learnt during school, and apparently I've been taught at British English, but the last teacher I had went by the american way :XD: So I might sound like a mix of both :B
So you're only allowed to talk to me on those languages If you want me to understand you xD I love languages... I wanna improve my English and learn another one!

CERTAINLY I'M NOT A NEW DEVIANT 0_O Please, don't ask me to watch you back. That's kind of rude to do. I won't promise to watch you just like that, BUT for sure I'll go check your gallery, and I'll watch you If I like the stuff I find there :aww: Sounds fair, doesn't it? :XD: BUT! For the submissions I REALLY liked, I suggest them for daily deviations =D

Find me also at:

CGHUB: Airukan
Heavenly Artists: Airukan…
Pictify: Ayrkan
Pixiv: (alias) アイルカン
SheezyArt: Ayrkan
Skype: notemeformyusernamehurr I don't go there often because it's nothing alike with what MSN messenger used to be! >:1 I so miss it...
Tumblr: Airukan
Twitter: @ Airukan
Weasyl: Akarui Mei

Lol I gotta learn how to use these sites :B If you find me somewhere else, may be an old account of mine or a faker.

Copied this from someone else's account, because there don't appear anymore in IDs :XD:
Current Residence: Punta Alta, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Favourite genre of music: Rock & Electronica
Favourite style of art: Paintings and drawings, either traditional or digital (but at the end everything interest me) I enjoy seeing fan arts in others artists' styles and I love seeing sceneries and landscapes too (painted or drawn) specially If they were product of the imagination =D
Operating System: Windows 7 Ultimate
Favourite cartoon character: Too many to name. Right now I can only think on Bleach and Naruto characters hahaha. I'm fan also of some original characters from my fellow artists/friends :heart:
Personal Quote: 'That is art!', 'Guapeton!', 'Handsome', '...of DOOM', ' slow motion', 'hurr', I have other phrases but I can't think on anything else right now lol.

Sexy Torrid chubbie on my ID by the wonderful Cradleth :love:

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:iconargentinos: :iconnaruto-pilotverse: :iconkaguya-evil-goddess: :iconkaguya-fc:


Airukan has started a donation pool!
83 / 1,000,000,000
Number is random! I just pressed 9999999999999999999999999999 C: Feel free to donate :XD:

Commissions... I usually don't take commissions... but only because I don't think my work is thaaaaat good :XD: But well, If you'd like to commission me, it'd make me happy (It'd mean you like what I do! :XD:) and well, we could discuss prices. I have never taken commissions before so I really have no idea :XD: And well, I'd only accept points for now ^^;

AIRUKAN ALSO LIKES LLAMAS so you'd make her very happy, If you trade some c:

If you're interested in my work, but can't buy, we could always consider an art trade...? I don't mind being asked for art-trades =D I'll reply as soon as possible =D

Gifts and requests are for me to decide :XD:

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